The idea for Tweeds Turntable came around in discussion about my Web Radio Show. For the first part of the name Tweed is my nick name from School. Many ideas were discussed and when I mentioned that I had much of my music on LP and needed to set up my turntable to transfer it to my computer. The suggestion for the show name of Tweeds Turntable was mentioned. After much thought and consideration, it was decided that Tweeds Turntable would be the name of my Web Radio Show.

My new black cat Jet will also be assisting me in some (Purrific) way!

- Jet the Cat

Jet the Cat

With approximately 2,000 song titles in my library to start with, I still need to digitize my LP collection of music and that will give me a much larger selection of music to select from.

I have always enjoyed music from the 40’s to the 70’s and look forward to providing you with an enjoyable listening experience.

I have recently received a new cartridge and needle assembly for my turntable. This has allowed me to start digitizing some of the record albums in my collection. This will take some time and I look forward to the end product. I will be posting photos of the albums digitized on my photos page.as i get them completed.

Tweeds Turntable can be found Sunday Mornings at 9:05 AM EST on WWW.YourKawarthatimemachine.com





Tweed (AKA John Patton)